Patient and Public Involvement

Young People's Advisory Panel

We are inviting young people (16-35 years old) with life experience of mental health problems to collaborate with us! We would like to hear your views on our work as researchers and psychotherapists: how we design our studies, the process of collecting data, the design of therapies and their focus, or how we could best cover young people’s mental health needs.

Y-PAL is an excellent opportunity to get involved in research and give your opinion in a variety of different topics. We are so interested to hear from those with life experience of mental health problems as experts, and the best way to learn on how we can do our work better as researchers and clinicians. Your feedback will be incredibly helpful! Previous experience in research or psychotherapy is not at all needed.

The plan is to meet every 3-4 months with some members of our research team for about 1 hour. We will discuss and converse about the studies while having nice coffee, tea and sweets. You will also be reimbursed for your time in the form of a voucher.

Feel free to contact us!

Currently, the advisory panel for our ongoing studies is fully occupied. People with a diagnosis that falls into the category of psychotic disorders are able to join the panel nevertheless.

If you have other diagnoses and are interested in becoming involved in future studies, we can put you on our waiting list.

Testimonies of Participants

— "I chose YPAL because it's important to me to show young people that a helping hand is there if they need it. To that end, I think it's interesting to try new technologies."
— "I want to help make psychotherapy more transparent and more people dare to seek help."

Our YPAL Concept