Department of Clinical Psychology and Digital Psychotherapy


Innovation and digitalisation of psychological therapies are enabling people with mental health problems to access health services, by helping to decrease waiting list time, reaching out to people in areas with less resources or rural areas and even reducing time and energy for those with very busy routines. Our group aims to investigate and adapt the potential of digital tools (e.g., mHealth, eHealth and VR) to improve assessment, adherence, access and engagement to evidence-based psychological therapies.

We are also conducting research on youth mental health to improve our understanding of mental health problems at this very important stage of life, how they affect young people now and later, and how they can be prevented and treated. We are also very interested on working hand-in-hand with young people, as working together is key to improving the psychological therapies that are currently offered in mental health services. We are also collaborating with high schools in the NRW area and offering talks on mental health to both students and teachers.